TerraStryke Products LLC. was founded in 2008 (formerly BioStryke) with the single purpose to remediate soil and groundwater in a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective manner. By leveraging the momentum of Mother Nature, our strategies go against conventional bioremediation wisdom by enhancing natural and evolutionary, bacterial momentum. While ‘traditional’ technologies remediate the environment with physical/chemical treatments (wasting fuel while generating nuisance noise and emissions), our products stimulate existing bacteria with macro-micro nutrients and food or respiratory support pathways, to allow them to flourish and destroy contamination sustainably, naturally, and inexpensively.

At the core of our business are our two flagship products: TPHenhanced™ and ERDenhanced™. These innovative biostimulants are proven effective in the lab and field, and have been used to remediate brownfield redevelopment sites, gas stations, dry cleaners, manufacturing facilities, and/or residential properties throughout North America and several International locations. Our additives are used at locations where past site use has resulted in leaking underground storage tanks (USTs), surface spills, production/pipeline losses which results in soil and groundwater management concerns fraught with liability.

Leaking USTs are known to impact soil and groundwater in commercial, industrial locations. These issues typically require costly remediation. With TerraStyke on your team, you will target client contaminant concerns organically, to destroy subsurface contaminants faster and more effectively using a strategy which presents greater effectiveness in terms of performance and costs than current standards of bioremediation. Not only do we reduce site contaminant effectively, we reduce environmental impacts by eliminating rebound and realizing long-term remediation objectives.

The TerraStryke team takes great pride in developing and introducing products that set us apart and provide unique solutions to challenging long-term problems. We aim to serve you, our loyal customers, with our expertise, enthusiasm and a new way to approach historic contaminant problems, using four billion years of Mother Nature’s experience, so that together we can make our environment stay safe, beautiful, and long-lasting.



TerraStryke was founded in 2008 by Kent Armstrong, a Zoology graduate from California State University. During his graduate studies he worked for the Los Angeles County Sanitation District as a Plant Laboratory Technician – little did he know, nearly 40 years later, he would be the founder of one of the most innovative and sustainable remediation technologies in the industry.

Kent’s inspiration for TerraStryke began in 1996, a little over a decade before its inception. While working at GZA Geoenvironmental, Kent was introduced to Richard Schaffner, a colleague, mentor, and friend of over 25 years. Together they worked managing large remediation projects – Richard, the in-house Bioremediation Expert, and Kent, the Senior Environmental Project Site Manager.

In the late 90s, Kent moved on to other opportunities to include the brokering of hazardous wastes for American Waste Services, as an Independent Contractor to Lowes Home Improvement, leading site investigations and remediation projects including a major PCB contamination project in New Hampshire from 2003 to 2008, where he remains in residence to this day. In 2008 Kent accepted a contract with Plant Products Co. Ltd ((now Master Plant Products Inc. (MPPI)) to develop a bioremediation department providing previously established nutrient blends to a new MPPI market, the environmental remediation industry.

While leading this initiative, Kent worked independently with Richard (current Patent partner) on what would be TerraStryke. Kent brought a few ideas to Richard, each concerning Richards historical and specific use, of formulations common to the industry. After a few modifications inspired by Kent, TerraStryke began to develop biosimulation additives designed, and proven, to offset not only the adverse impacts of the presence of contaminants in soil/groundwater, but also the adverse impacts incurred using traditional technologies, by leveraging the power of Mother Nature.

Since its inception, Kent has travelled throughout North America sharing the benefits of TerraStryke products. In addition to the United States and Canada, our products have been successfully used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, and Canada – with ongoing discussions for use in Scotland, China, and Mexico. With worldwide shipping capabilities, TerraStryke is available to everyone.

Our founder, Kent Armstrong