While we do have a comprehensive list of benefits, we are most proud that our products work! They are sustainable and cost-effective at facilitating the organic remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, and volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in soils and groundwater.

benefits of bioremediation


By leveraging and enhancing that what Mother Nature needs, together we can simply, affordably and effectively destroy site contaminants in soils and groundwater.

That is what sets us apart from the rest. 

Our products leverage aspects of Mother Nature, and the fascinating processes microbial populations perform every second of every day for the last 4-billion years, not yet tapped by current industry strategies.

Ours is a strategy that addresses the needs of nature, the community and the individuals holistically, trusting in Her experience. Our process doesn’t go against the grain of current conventional wisdom; rather, we’ve gone outside the box to provide the environment and microbes what they need to evolve and perform to a level of efficiency previous though unattainable.

While other technologies struggle to create artificial environments with expensive equipment and chemical/heat treatments which are generally ‘harsh’ and counter productive to nature’s way, our biostimulants are proven to enhance the natural environment. With TerraStryke ERDenhanced™ and TerraStryke TPHenhanced™, native bacteria flourish and destroy contamination efficiently, sustainably, quickly, and cost-effectively.

Our products allow consortiums of native bacteria to work together, not as individuals, but as a functioning group sharing a group behavior(s) selected for by the environmental stress presented. The combination of that stress (presence of organic contaminants) and the components found in our additives, allows the individual to begin functioning as a group, sustainably performing tasks they could never have accomplished as individuals at the rates never before experienced.

Yes, microbes talk, share, and recruit – and our products help them.

TerraStryke is the answer to long-term bioremediation.

    • In terms of practive, the viscosity of our products is thin, and more importantly, not subject to temperature variabilities i.e. it stays thin regardless of temperature. Because of this, we maximize the subsurface distribution of our products to allow maximum effectiveness while employing a minimal amount of site work.
    • Our products are shipped dry in easy to manage 33-lb bags. This dramatically reduces additional shipping costs, especially for water since that is expensive to ship and we suspect there is some on-site.
    • Our products are non-regulated making handling, storage and use simple and safe.
    • Use of our products generates little to no secondary impacts post deployment.
    • Application focusses on treatment of source zone/smear zone contaminants to destroy the contributing mass; effectively enhancing monitored natural attenuation.
    • Our products naturally destroy site contaminants, and due to the ability to expedite solubilization of residual source mass, we get the rebound out upfront!
    • Our products represent a safe, low-cost, low-impact solution to your environmental management concerns; and due to our sustainability, our products are ideal for remote/recalcitrant sites.
    • Our products expedite the realization of long-term remediation objectives, and represent a proven,
      cost-effective, and sustainable strategy to meet your environmental management concerns.