Our two flagship products – TPHenhanced™ and ERDenhanced™ – are proven effective in the lab and field, having been used to remediate: Brownfield redevelopment sites, former and operating gas stations, dry cleaners, manufacturing facilities, residential properties, and more. 


TerraStryke™ TPHENHANCED™ will

    • Enhance the bioavailability of sorbed, residual source mass, effectively getting the rebound out upfront
    • Expedite the destruction of dissolved-phase petroleum hydrocarbons, effectively enhancing realization of long-term site compliance objectives
    • Minimize on-site impacts and the need for aboveground equipment, allowing for redevelopment concurrent with remediation.
    • Maximize the value of your Remediation Dollar by reducing overall project costs and minimize impacts by effectively eliminating nuisance noise, exhaust and emissions.

    TPHenhanced is demonstrated to enhance the realization of superior rates of petroleum hydrocarbon degradation, and when compared to current industry standards, for longer periods of sustainability and less costs.


    TerraStryke™ ERDENHANCED™ will:

    • Provide decades (yes decades!!) of reducing conditions after a single deployment program, eliminating multiple deployment events, and maximizing your remediation dollar.
    • Enhance the realization of complete biotransformation, with no stall and/or adverse vapor contaminants.
    • Expedite the solubilization of residual (sorbed) source mass, enhancing contaminant bioavailability while minimizing site impacts, allowing for redevelopment concurrent with remediation.
    • Increase subsurface distribution capabilities, decreasing site time and project costs.
    • Expedite the realization of 2-3 order-of-magnitude reductions in contaminant mass in months, not years.

    ERDenhanced will save a decade on remediation timeframes and hundreds of thousands in remediation costs!! Save money and minimize impacts while sequestering Greenhouse Gases.