TerraStryke’s sustainable, cost-effective bioremediation products facilitate the organic remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, and volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in soils and groundwater.

Our patented additives support the establishment of environmental conditions within the subsurface that allow for superior microbial performance and maximum contaminant degradation—the way nature intended.


total average reduction in petroleum hydrocarbons one year after a single deployment event with TerraStryke


mass reduction in chlorinated volatile organic contaminants in months, not years, with ERDenhanced


total concentrations of cVOC contaminants decreased in 12-months,
with only 20 lbs of ERDenhanced.

Our products are widely used throughout the United States and Canada. They’ve also been successfully used in India, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, with ongoing discussions for use in Scotland, Mexico, and China. With worldwide shipping capabilities, TerraStryke is available to everyone.

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Worldwide shipping

Our products go where you are.

Abandoned gas station in Portugal? We’re there.

Contaminated groundwater in Saudi Arabia. We’re there.

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1 more example

Doesn’t matter where you are, our products area easily shipped to you, easy to use, and get the job done fast, and affordably!



The TerraStryke difference

We leverage and enhance the microbial processes found in Mother Nature to simply, affordably, and effectively destroy contaminants in soil and groundwater. Why use TerraStryke’s patented additives?

  • Native bacteria flourish and efficiently destroy contaminants for long-lasting results.
  • High viscosity additives are easy to deploy and not subject to temperature variations.
  • Products shipped dry in 33-lb bags that are more economical to ship and easy to manage.
  • Products are unregulated for safe handling, storage, and use.
  • Little to no secondary impacts after deployment.

Our bioremediation solutions

Our flagship products reduce remediation time and cost by helping you realize site compliance faster. They have been proven effective in both the lab and field and used to successfully remediate:

  • Brownfield redevelopment sites
  • Former and operating gas stations
  • Dry cleaners
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Residential properties, and more!

TPHenhanced enhances the bioavailability of absorbed residual contaminant mass to effectively ‘get the rebound out’ upfront, allowing for concurrent redevelopment and remediation. It enhances the realization of superior rates of petroleum hydrocarbon degradation for longer periods and at a significantly lower cost.

ERDenhanced provides decades of reducing conditions while realizing complete cVOC biotransformation after a single deployment program, with little to no secondary impacts. It helps you save decades on remediation timeframes and hundreds of thousands in remediation costs.