Why do dry cleaning sites need to be remediated?
Posted April 14, 2020
dry cleaner sites remediation

From the outside, a dry cleaner is just a place to launder delicate clothing – but inside, if improperly managed, the specialty solvents used to clean your clothing is actually contaminating both soil and groundwater. As these toxic contaminants seep into the subsurface, they create environmental liabilities along with health and safety concerns to occupants and employees. Without addressing these concerns with site remediation, health and safety concerns grow; and, in the event of redevelopment, investors/owners are also at risk due to these liabilities.

That’s where TerraStryke comes in.

TerraStryke develops and distributes biostimulation additives which nourish native microbials. These additives are proven to cost-effectively enhance the destruction of organic contaminants, safely and completely, with minimal equipment, minimal site impacts, and maximum performance.

Our flagship products – TPHenhanced™ and ERDenhanced™ – have been used to effectively remediate gas stations, manufacturing facilities, residential properties, and, of course, dry cleaning facilities.

Would you believe TerraStryke was able to completely remediate on-site contaminants at a dry cleaner in less than four years? No-cis stall, no ambient air concerns, one deployment!

TerraStryke’s biostimulation strategy transformed the site so effectively that it was able to initiate redevelopment and begin operations as a bakery in less than 4-years after remediation efforts were started. Yes! That needs to be repeated: A bakery was able to open, safely, on the same grounds, 4-years after the one-time deployment of ERDenhanced.

The deployment of ERDenhanced™ resulted in a 99% reduction in total chlorinated volatile organic compounds (cVOCs) and reduction in parent cVOV Tetrachloroethene (PCE) molar mass similar, realizing a >99% decrease confirming NAPL destruction.

The site immediately increased in value by over 200%, became a functional space, optimizing investment dollars while allowing a family business to open and operate. Overall, it saved the property owner at least 10 years remediation efforts and over $500,000 overall remediation costs.

“The most striking observation is, because we harness what Mother Nature has been doing since life began, our processes happen with minimal impact and maximum sustainability. As such, our methods are proven ideal cost-effective remedial solutions for the redevelopment of current, legacy and/or remote site locations,” says Kent Armstrong, founder of TerraStryke.

Want to learn more? Read the full case study by visiting our Case Studies page.

Have a site? Does it need a site remediation? Would you like to save time, money and impact? Connect with Kent to discuss how TerraStryke can help you answer these questions, solve your remediation concerns and allow you to realize peace of mind and revenues from your site sooner than later.