Full-scale application of ERDenhanced at the NASA Stennis Space Center
Posted November 19, 2021

TerraStryke Products LLC is pleased to announce the full-scale application of our biostimulation additive ERDenhanced at the NASA Stennis Space Center. The in-situ remediation program is being implemented in conjunction with ENrx Innovative Environmental Solutions, Inc. with the additive-slurry gravity fed into several subsurface Vertebrate gallery systems.

After completion of a successful 2014 treatability study, a federal government shutdown and then, COVID-19 we have now begun injections. ERDenhanced is proven to support the nutritive capacity of the treatment zone. In doing so microbial communication, the expedited solubilization/flux of residual mass, and the collective establishment of biofilm is realized; the result being, enhanced dehalorespiration of dissolved-phased contaminants by a consortium of microbes communicating, sharing and working collectively.

ERDenhanced is proven to support the dehalorespiration (destruction) of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (cVOCs) by indigenous microbial populations sustainably and completely, for decades after a single deployment event.

Realize your remedial objectives and minimize site liabilities with less-impacts and lower costs, all the while sequestering Greenhouse gasses, simply by letting Nature have it! Call TerraStryke now for an organic cost-effective solution today.

** This post does not constitute or imply either NASA’s endorsement or recommendation by the United States Government. **